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Maximum effectiveness and efficiency in business operations will encourage companies to focus more on strategic functions and business growth.

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Cloud solutions offer companies numerous opportunities for more growth, efficiency , and the development of new business models. In order to leverage this potential, companies need a cloud platform that meets the requirements of their business as well as tailored IT infrastructure. Whether private, public, or hybrid cloud – T-Systems supports you in choosing the optimal cloud solution as well as the right provider, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, or Open Telekom Cloud. In addition, we advise you on all questions relating to IT security, scalability, and new features.


The IT infrastructure assessment helps companies build a comprehensive view of the current state of the enterprise network. In addition, it will help companies identify opportunities to improve and make more informed and strategic decisions related to networks. Components in the IT infrastructure assessment:


Computer technology is a system that can optimize the user’s work system or the performance of an agency. Therefore, the need for an agency for qualified performance from each computer unit and network system is absolutely necessary. To maintain the performance of the network system and each computer unit in it, periodic and routine maintenance is needed to minimize the possibility of damage to the system which can affect the overall performance of the agency.

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Maximum effectiveness and efficiency in business operations will encourage companies to focus more on strategic functions and business growth.

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The server can be interpreted as a system that is a place for storing data, as well as controlling the rate of data that will be streamed to the computer receiving the server. While the server computer is a computer device that functions as a server cockpit. Like a controller, a server computer is required to have specifications that are more adequate than the computers that receive services from the server, namely from the aspect of hardware and software used.

MDaemon Altn Technology

Reliable Email Server, Email Security, Email Encryption, Email Archiving, Mobile Device Management, Remote Administration, Webmail, Instant Messenger, and Exchange Migration in one download. Flexible email management, security and collaboration features for on-premises, virtual, or hosted server deployments.

Security Gateway

Developed by MDaemon Technologies, an email industry pioneer, Security Gateway’s email threat detection technology has been protecting email servers from viruses, spam, phishing, data loss and other threats for over 20 years. Simply put, companies trust our expertise to help keep email communications safe. We protect all email platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and others. Let our team of email seurity experts take the headache out of managing your company’s email security needs

Relay Fax

RelayFax Network Fax Manager – Features RelayFax is a powerful email-to-fax and fax-to-email fax server. RelayFax automates the process of sending, receiving, and managing your network fax traffic. By integrating into existing email systems, RelayFax provides full faxing capabilities from your desktop.

Kerio Control Firewall

KerioControl is a next-generation firewall and unified threat management product for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that are looking for a comprehensive solution for their security needs. With KerioControl, businesses gain
1. A firewall that connects
you to the internet
2. Intrusion protection
that monitors traffic
3. Web content and
application filtering
4.Virtual private
network (VPN

Fortigate Firewall

Our mid-range FortiGate NGFWs deliver industry-leading enterprise security for the campus edge, providing full visibility into applications and users alongside high-performance threat protection and SSL inspection. Organizations in any industry can weave security deep into their hybrid IT architectures and build secure networks to achieve:

Cisco Router Firewall

The comprehensive portfolio of Cisco routers can help you create a more intelligent, responsive, and integrated network Cisco routing provides intent-based networking for the WAN, LAN, and cloud. Our network routers include advanced analytics, application optimization, automated provisioning, and integrated security to deliver a complete, proven solution.

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Cloud computing has revolutionized the way an IT company works in the present age. Without cloud power, many small and large organizations would have massive trouble conducting their functions and serving customers

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Undeniably, the business world can benefit greatly from the use of Cloud Computing or Cloud Computing companies migrating using these advanced technologies. The grounds can support costs, and improve quality performance.

However, there are still many who question what the definition and benefits of Cloud Computing are for the business world. Here’s a more complete narrative.

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