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    Kami perusahaan bergerak bidang Technology Informasi, Data Technology dan Data Center, sebagain wujud anak bangsa dalam mengisi kemerdekaan Bangksa Indonesia, kami memberikan layanan terdepan dan terbaik kepada setiap pelanggan kami.

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    Original Sertificate License

    When using the SSL & TLS dialog to create certificates, MDaemon generates certificates that are self-signed. In other words, the issuer of the certificate, or Certificate Authority (CA), is the same as the owner of the certificate. This is perfectly valid and allowed, but because the CA won't already be listed in yours users' lists of trusted CAs, whenever they connect to Webmail or Remote Administration's HTTPS URL, they will be asked whether or not they wish to proceed to the site and/or install the certificate. Once they agree to install the certificate and trust your Webmail's domain as a valid CA they will no longer have to see the security alert message when connecting to Webmail or Remote Administration. When connecting to MDaemon via a mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, however, they will not be given the option to install the certificate. They will be allowed to choose whether or not they wish to continue using the certificate temporarily, even though it isn't validated. Each time they start their mail client and connect to the server, they will have to choose to continue using the non-validated certificate. To avoid this you can either obtain a certificate from a Certificate Authority, such as Let's Encrypt, or you can export your self-signed certificate and distribute it to your users via email or some other means. Then, they can manually install and trust your certificate to avoid future warning messages. Creating a Certificate.

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    Infrastruktur Data center dan Layanan server Corporate maitenance.

    Jl.Qotrun Nada Cipayung jaya,
    wujudkan Indonesia unggul
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